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Apr 8, 2021

Out of the Classroom and  into the Clinic: The Real World of Corneal Cross Linking

A webinar partnership  between ESCRS and HSIOIRS, bringing you world leading opinion on the latest thinking in corneal cross linking.

Chaired by Béatrice Cochener Lamard and Vikentia Katsanevaki, enjoy 5 short presentations (10 mins) followed by discussion. At the end, two younger ophthalmologists present cases discussed by the faculty! 

1. CXL Basic Science and standard protocol Dimitrios Kyroudis
2. Accelerated protocols Cosimo Mazzotta
3. The epithelium debate Miltos Balidis
4. Combined procedures David Touboul
5. Pack-CXL Cross linking for infection Rohit Shetty

Young ophthalmologists case presentation: 

1. Artemis Matsou (Greece)

2. Adrien Mahzarian