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Jun 23, 2020

The overall goal of the vRESPOND study is to provide a clinically feasible and cost-effective method to manage negative dysphotopsia (ND). The study aim to use MRI-based patient-specific eye-models to uncover the underlying optical origin of ND through ray-tracing simulations. They subsequently aim to develop a Virtual Refractive Surgery application for the prevention and treatment of ND.

In terms of specific research aims:

  •  comprehensive clinical evaluation will be made of 60 ND patients and 60 pseudophakic controls both in terms of objective ophthalmic measurements and standardized questionnaires.
  •  Based on these data, ray-tracing analyses will be performed using the patient-specific, MRI-based, eye-models to:
    1. elucidate the mechanism for ND
    2. determine the key aspects of IOL design to prevent ND
    3. develop the Virtual Refractive Surgery model to preoperatively select high-risk patients and guide to the optimal IOL-type to prevent ND for these high-risk patients


Further details: