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Jun 30, 2020

Sean Henehan talks to Oliver Findl about this ongoing clinical research project, sponsored by ESCRS.

Jun 26, 2020

Massimo Busin talks to Jesper Hjortdal about performing cataract surgery in eyes with diseased corneas.

Jun 23, 2020

The overall goal of the vRESPOND study is to provide a clinically feasible and cost-effective method to manage negative dysphotopsia (ND). The study aim to use MRI-based patient-specific eye-models to uncover the underlying optical origin of ND through ray-tracing simulations. They subsequently aim to develop a...

Jun 19, 2020

Aidan Hanratty talks to José Güell about the use of phakic IOLs in the management and treatment of keratoconus.

Jun 16, 2020

Microbial keratitis are one of the most severe emergencies in ophthalmology and a world leading cause of preventable blindness. Diagnosis is challenging due to the multitude of possible pathogens mimicking similar clinical presentations. Sensitivity of traditional culture-based assays usually ranges from 40 to...