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Jul 17, 2020

This is a recording of Episode 1 of ‘Eye JC: An online Journal Club brought to you by ESCRS’

The ESCRS has launched on online journal club, where interesting articles will be discussed by our Young Ophthalmologists Committee, with guest ‘expert opinion’ from ESCRS Board & Committee Members. This journal club is hosted by Basak Bostanci Ceran (Turkey) and Imran Yusuf (UK).
We are delighted to welcome guest panellists Boris Malyugin (Russia) and Sathish Srinivasan (UK).

Episode 1 discusses the following paper: “Pupil expansion device use and operative outcomes with topical dilation vs intracameral epinephrine in resident-performed cataract surgery”

This paper has been made open-access by the JCRS. Click here for access.